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Sunshine Projects

What started as a group of concerned mothers coming together to help vulnerable communities during the pandemic has grown and evolved over time.  Find out about the sunshine that has been spread through our various projects since our inception in 2020.

Sunshine Sandwich Project - 2020

The Sunshine Sandwich Project was started by our dear friend, Chrystal Gallagher, on what should have been Darcey's 4th birthday.  A way to help the children in our under funded communities during lockdown (and get a grieving mother out the house and busy), it started with a few friends making sandwiches to fill some hungry tummies while schools were closed.  This soon grew to over 1000 sandwiches, baby food and fresh fruit being taken in to our local communes daily.

Sunshine Education Project - 2021

When Dr Bryony May asked a local community how she could help them, the resounding response was, "Please give our children a better future".  Bryony asked us to come on board and help provide the local children with foundational education using donated resources.  We were delighted to partner on such a special project, which continues today under the management of Out the Box, an innovative initiative with sustainability at its heart.


Boxes of Sunshine 

Our Boxes of Sunshine initiative ensures no child misses out on the magic of Christmas.  Each year, Chrystal Gallagher and her team of elves lovingly create shoeboxes of sunshine for children from some of the Western Cape's most vulnerable communities.  Filled with clothing, personal hygiene product, stationary, toys and sweeties, each child is supported by a family who send a message of Christmas love along with each box.

Sunshine Survival Swim Project

Now our primary missions, the Sunshine Survival Swim Project aims to reduce the number of tragic drowning incidents each year through drowning prevention education. Since it's inception in February 2021, over 200 children have been through our water safety programme.  Find  our more about our programme here.

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